We at Tatil Life believe that every child should be born with a Gold Spoon. Designed specifically for children between the ages 1-12, Tatil Life's GoldSpoon prepares for the child's evolving financial needs as they grow.


Gold Spoon provides your child with initial life insurance today, with the option to increase the coverage in the future if desired, without having to provide medical evidence.


When the time comes to pursue an advanced course of study Gold Spoon will provide a level of funding to help meet those needs.


Your Gold Spoon policy allows you the flexibility to plan for your child's future financial needs by allowing the following:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of insurance coverage
  • Flexible premium payments
  • Unscheduled deposits
  • Extending the period of coverage
  • Interest is credited daily.

Call us today at 62 TATIL, email us at life@tatil.co.tt, or contact one of our financial advisors to learn more about Tatil and Tatil Life's solutions - GUARANTEED PROTECTION!"

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