In successful retirement planning time is an ally, because it's never too early to start preparing for retirement. The secret to successful retirement planning is to start now and make wise choices. One of those choices is Tatil Life's Medllaion, a solution for offering a desired level of income to ensure your comfort in retirement.

The Medallion is a flexible premium deferred annuity designed to provide you with a source of guaranteed income throughout your retirement.

  • The Medallion can be unregistreed or registered with the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR)
  • Annual contributions are eligible for for tax relief
  • You may start with premiums as little as $200 monthly
  • Contributions are compounded over time to increase the accumulation
  • Premiums may be increased, or paid as lump sums at any time, affording flexibility with changes in lifestyle
  • Tax savings enhance the rate of accumulation
  • Benefit options at maturity include a guaranteed pension for life or a tax-free lump sum

Get a head start on planning for tomorrow's dreams!

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