Think of what life would be when you are gone. Comfort those you’ve left behind and help them cope emotionally and financially in your absence. Term Life Insurance is pure protection for a limited period of time and is the most inexpensive way to secure a substantial death benefit on a coverage amount to suit your budget.

Erase the burden of unfinished business and unpaid bills that fall on those left behind. Whether it’s bills, funeral arrangements, outstanding loans and taxes, an extra lump sum can make the difference between a smooth transition and a bumpy ride for loved ones.

Relax knowing that in life and after you were there for your family, your children and your partner. Term Life expires on death with your beneficiaries receiving the proceeds on your death. Like vehicle or home insurance, it covers the risk of death before age 65.

Manage your coverage for the term of your life. During the period you can convert your policy to suit your needs and your financial situation.

Term Life Solutions Include:

TERM 65:

Level Term (65 and 85) – Provides level cover and can be converted to a permanent insurance plan prior to age 60. Eg. Whole life, Cashbuilder II


Level Renewable Term (5-year) – Each 5th year, coverage can be renewed for a further 5 years with the option to convert to a permanent plan up to age 60.


Home Mortgage Security – Coverage is reduced every year according to your relevant home mortgage schedule. It can be converted to a permanent plan up to age 60 and provides 3 years free coverage.

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